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This is my newest book, just published on Smashwords and Createspace

 In the beginning there was one, Edric, who created the universe and all that is in it. He struggled with what was good and what was bad and, eventually, became two; Dougall encompassing all that is evil and Gwynn who represents all that is good. They both battled to rule the universe creating warriors and soldiers to fight a war that has lasted throughout the centuries. The fight has come to a planet that is made of many dimensions including Earth, Chrsytalline and the Abyss. One of Gwynn's warriors who has been lost inside the body of a man from the Earth dimension is about to have his soul saved by a Soul-healer from Chrystalline. Cael is Gwynn's last warrior and the last hope for good to triumph over evil. It will be up to the Soul-healer to rescue him from Dougall's grasp and the forces that fight on his behalf. But this Soul-healer is also hidden and must be awakened to her task. A group of beings have gathered from throughout the dimensions with only one goal: they must awaken Whisper and help her recover the last warrior.  


    Seventeen year old Nicky Barrett has woken to find herself in a world that is not her own. All alone in a land that is reminiscent of the old west and full of characters that have arrived there throughout time, she must decide who she can trust and how she’s going to survive.

    Wind is the first book in the 360 series and follows Nicky as she arrives in a world that looks very similar to hers but is completely different. Cell phones and laptops won't help here because they don't work! There's no power and the winds that come once a year blow away any structure made by man.

    It's okay though because, along with a dog she found abandoned in the street, she meets Marshal, a crazy red headed boy about the same age as her, who came to this world in 1909. After killing the local bad guy, Nicky has earned a place in Marshal's underground hideout where she can stay safe away from the winds.

    She soon encounters more characters who have fallen into this world throughout time. Emma Lee is a southern belle from 19th century Kentucky, Billy is ten and came in the 1950's, and Cornelius has been there for over five hundred years and his eccentric English personality is evident as he emerges from his tent in full cowboy gear complete with rifles and telescope.

    Sounds good right? Not really. There are idiots here too; men who want to prove their manhood by playing dictator over everyone else. Butcher was one but Nicky shot him. Pig's another who meets an unfortunate end and then there's Max. Dark, handsome with a sexy Scottish accent. What's with him and where did he come from? Nicky will just have to figure that out for herself.

 D E A T H ' S  P R O M I S E

     Did you ever believe that time travel was possible? What if it were? What if we've always been able to cross through the centuries just by closing our eyes? What else could our dreams mean when we enter a room that seems so real we know we've actually been there? Our dreams are our time machines and we can travel anywhere or anytime we want. All we have to do is close our eyes.

     That's what happens to Annabelle Roberts. She's a traveller and can go anywhere; she just can't control any of it. She's been doing it for a long time now; ever since her father died, and she just wants it to stop. That's when  Orin, a boy from one of her dreams shows up in her class one day and Annabelle's life starts to become complicated.

    Jett is dark and mysterious and seems to know exactly what she needs but something about him sends chills down Annabelle's spine. Now two boys are vying for her affedtion and she has no idea why.

    Is she somebody special? Does she hold some kind of special power that can help mankind? Annabelle must be awakened soon before evil reigns over all.